We are a gaming community that values gaming, developments, ideas, creation, and most importantly, community.

Established: 2016


Game Corner links people from the many corners of the digital world. Here you can find anyone who has a similar interest and invite those who aren't here already.
We have values. And although many of our members values may differ, GC's values are what make it a successful, friendly, and productive community.


In late 2016 the idea of Game Corner was found. Although it was just an idea, it needed a team to grow and foster it. The Original 7 Administrators came together and assigned roles and grew the community. But towards the end of May 2017, 6 of the Admins released themselves from their duties and all ownership was transferred over to Lectrician1. The site and Discord, our two main frameworks of community were still maintained and the community still grows today.


Game Corner communities found on many sites an applications are called Frameworks. Our current Frameworks consist of:

Our structure of community we think should be modeled by everyone. Whether you're thinking of starting your own website or Discord Server, we have many reasons for our format and you can find them around our frameworks.